Philip Griffin

Ukulele 2019

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Masterclass Schedule

TUES 30 APR 10–4pm

WED 1 MAY 9–4pm

THUR 2 MAY 9–4pm

NOTE This is a 3 day masterclass, for people 16+ of all experience levels. All supplies are included. Bring a water bottle. Delicious food is available for purchase on site and there are a variety of accommodation options. Please also note you may be an unstoppable show off once you've got these skills under your belt. (Participants aged 16 or 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult also enrolled in a class at Artisan Camp).


Come one, come all, this is your chance to shine! Grab that dusty Ukulele and flex your fingers, this will be a three-day intensive (but super fun) learning experience for all levels.  

Philip Griffin has spent the last 4 decades performing, composing, teaching and conducting ensembles around Australia, New Zealand and Europe and plays ukulele, guitar, lutes, bass and oud to name a few!

He has played with Woodford legend Linsey Pollak in many combinations for the last 35 years, including at the present time with the Balkanics.

However, playing, arranging and composing for and leading ukulele ensembles is a particular passion.

When you enroll, you'll advise as to what size ukulele you play (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, bass) and we'll make sure there are arrangements that suits our particular combination of players.

If you can read music, that's great, but if you can't - no problem - as we'll also work from TAB.  If you've never done that before, Philip will show you how - it's very useful and the principles can be explained in 2 minutes.

Bring your own ukulele, and if you've got or can borrow a music stand, that would be great to bring.  A little clip-on tuner of your own is an inexpensive and super-helpful addition.

Depending on our skill level we'll learn two or three pieces to perform at the end of the Artisan Camp.  There could be opportunities for improvisation - let's see!



Arrive at the beautiful Woodfordia either the morning of, or the day prior to your workshop starting. The address is 87 Woodrow Road, the home of the Woodford Folk Festival. Follow the signs to the reception venue and you'll be greeted and registered and shown your tent or van space. Detailed accommodation options will be released in early February. But the quick version is: own camping or van is free, or you can hire a pre-erected tent or something fancy so you'll feel like a star (we're working on caravans, glamping and teepees!). You are also welcome to travel to site each day if you prefer.

Artisan Feast!

Don't forget that this night (THURSDAY May 2) is the night of our Artisan Feast, inclusive in your ticket price, with a bar featuring drinks at 80s prices and a night of entertainment and delicious chef-cooked food.  

The Planting Festival May 3-5th

Don’t want the fun to end? We can help! This year’s Artisan Camp is held in the lead-up to The Planting Festival, which begins on FRIDAY May 3 after the final Artisan Feast. Don’t worry, you can sleep in till lunchtime and stay in your tent or van throughout The Planting Festival.

We'd also like to offer you 50% off your Planting Festival tickets as a thank-you for attending the Artisan Camp 2019. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions about how to receive your discount.

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