Camping at Woodfordia

By far the best way to immerse yourself in the full experience is to stay on-site at Woodfordia in our beautiful parkland campgrounds. Camping is on a first-in basis—but all our camping grounds are within walking distance to the Artisan Camp workshops and close to amenities including toilets and hot showers.

If you choose to stay on site, meals are prepared at the Artisan Kitchen and include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. After a long day of making and creating, there are a delicious array of reasonably priced beverages available from the bar, including the signature Artisan Camp cocktail. Each morning get energised with complimentary stetches on the Village Green and share stories and make friends around our evening campfires.

Tent City provides comfy pre-erected canvas tents on site. There are carpeted with one or two stretcher beds and a light. Once purchased, the tent is yours to use for the duration of the Artisan Camp as well as The Planting if you’re joining us for both.

Camping is free, just BYO your tent or van and camping gear.

Please follow the signs or ask for assistance before setting up camp as there are designated camping areas. For the Artisan Camp, the showers have been upgraded to hot water for patrons’ comfort.

And of course we encourage patrons to only bring what they need, respect thy neighbour, tread lightly and like always, remove, recycle or compost to ensure your campsite is as neat and tidy as you found it.

What to Bring

As the Artisan Camp is held in autumn, expect mornings to be cool and the evenings chilly to cold. The days can range from sunny to quite hot with the possibility of rain.

Tips for Campers

There are hot showers—need we say more! Come and set-up your tent, camper trailer, caravan, van or swag. The days are warm, but the nights are chilly. Bring warm bedding as well as shade from the sun. Pack a warm jacket and hat as well as sunscreen and sun hats for the warm, sunny days. We also suggest packing for rain—raincoat, suitable shoes and an umbrella.

  • There is no electricity available on-site for patrons’ campsites unless it is required for life support. Generators are prohibited.
  • There is no site lock-up so all valuables remain the responsibility of the camper and we suggest you lock them in your car which can be parked next to your camp.
  • No fire or glass allowed in the festival camping grounds.
  • Please do not drive around the site once you have set-up camp. Consider using a bicycle to commute from your campsite to the festival entrance.
  • Please make sure you set-up in the allocated area.
  • Please keep your site neat and tidy and dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided and recycle where possible.

You are welcome to bring your own food and cooking equipment to the festival site but fires are not permitted. There is a camp kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, pay as you go.


Water is always a precious commodity at Woodfordia as we are not connected to the main supply. We would appreciate it if all patrons could help us in conserving water by limiting themselves to one short shower per day and check that taps are not left running or dripping. All tap water on site is drinkable but for conservation and your own convenience please bring all the drinking water you’ll need with you from home.


Important safety warning re portable butane gas cookers. Please check and only bring compliant gas cookers to Woodfordia: