Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the classes held?

All classes are held on site at Woodfordia, home of the Woodford Folk Festival, 87 Woodrow Rd, Woodford, QLD 4514.

What kind of experience can I expect?

Nestled amongst the trees and wildlife on 500 acres of natural parkland, the Artisan Camp is an immersive master class experience. You can stay onsite in hire tents or bring your own camping gear—locals are welcome to drive in each day.

Is there food and drink available onsite?

There will be a camp kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a communal dinning experience. Meal plans are available here. Alternatively participants can self cater, or buy each day. There is also a Workers’ Bar onsite available to the participants of the Artisan Camp as well as the set up crew who are involved in building The Planting festival. All drinks are very reasonably priced.

What kind of accommodation is available?

Participants can stay in hire tents, provide their own camping or stay offsite. Hire tents can be purchased from here.

When can I purchase extras such as food and camping packages?

Extras packages such as food, drinks and accommodation can be purchased here.

Does my ticket include a ticket to The Planting Festival?

No, the Artisan Camp is a separate Woodfordia, Inc. event, however, if you enrol in a masterclass you will be given a code to purchase a Planting ticket at half-price.

What is the refund policy?

Please see terms and conditions.

Are there any payment plans available?

Yes, you can secure your placement in any class with a $100 deposit. We will personally contact you to set-up your payment plan.

What time do the master classes start and finish?

As a general rule, classes begin at around 8 or 9am and finish around 4pm.

Are children welcome to attend?

All classes are 18+ unless specified. The Go Kart Building course is for children 7+. All participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is also enrolled in the same master class.

Are my children welcome to attend classes?

No, unfortunately because we are building another festival (The Planting festival) at the time that the Artisan Camp is being held, all participants must be enrolled in a class to gain entry to the festival site. All participants must also undergo a safety induction.

When are we able to set up camp?

Camping is available from 12pm on the day prior to the first day of your class and until 5pm the day after your class finishes.