Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to the Artisan Camp (“Event”)

Conditions of Sale

Refunds are not made if you change your mind or you are unable to attend the event.

Tickets can be transferred and names on purchased tickets can be changed.

Booking Fees

We don't charge booking fees, please be aware that all purchases are subject to 10% GST.

Masterclass minimum capacities

While every attempt is made to present the programme as advertised, if the minimum capacity of a masterclass is not met, the masterclass may be cancelled. In this event, all tickets will be fully refunded.

Name on ticket

The name of the ticket holder must match the name on the ticket. Photo identification will be required.


All vehicles may be subject to a car boot search prior to entry to the festival campgrounds. Whilst attending the event participants must not:

  • Litter in the venue or surrounding area
  • Cause damage to, improperly use or tamper with any public facility or festival infrastructure
  • Light or cause to be lit any fire (including barbecues)
  • Operate any event equipment (generator, vehicle, sound and lighting system, two-way radio)
  • Exit the venue via routes other than the designated exits and emergency exits
  • Cause any damage to flora and fauna on or surrounding the venue or enter any onsite bodies of water
  • Behave in a threatening or inappropriate manner (aggressive, riotous, abusive, or insulting actions) towards other participants or event staff

Breach of the above conditions may result in the removal of the participant from the site. Festival Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who:

  • Cannot produce a valid ticket
  • Produces a ticket that has been purchased or obtained through an unauthorised source or through illegal means
  • Produces a ticket that has been duplicated
  • Is in possession of and refuses to surrender any prohibited or illegal object


Wristbands must be worn at all times. Lost, damaged or tampered with wristbands will not be replaced by Woodfordia.

Woodfordia reserves the right to evict any person who:

  • Is found to have entered the site without a valid wristband. The person will be handed over to authorities and will face a charge of trespassing and be fined
  • Does not comply with these Terms and Conditions
  • Is in possession of any illegal item. Carry bags may be searched prior to entry to the festival precinct
  • Is involved in any illegal activity, including underage drinking. The offender will have their wristband removed, the matter referred to the Police, and be escorted from the festival site
  • Is behaving in a manner that reasonably interferes with other participants’ enjoyment of the festival
  • Is causing damage, being disruptive or threatens the safety of other people on the festival site
  • Evicted participants will not be permitted to re-purchase tickets and must leave the festival site immediately

Youth Policy

All minors must be accompanied to the festival by an adult Guardian.

A responsible Guardian of 25yrs or older must accompany all youth participants (13-17 years old).

A 25+ Guardian may accompany a maximum of 3 youth participants only.

Each Guardian must be contactable by mobile phone whilst at the festival and must provide this number during the online ticketing process.

Each Guardian must present valid proof of age at the Festival Ticket Gate. This may cause delays in peak periods.

Any person under the age of 18 will be refused entry if their nominated Guardian is not accompanying them at the Event Ticket Gate.

Due to liquor licensing conditions within the Event precinct, all minors must be accompanied by a Guardian when they enter the Event precinct.

It is the responsibility of the Guardian to ensure that all minors they accompany comply with instructions issued by Event staff and/or contained in all permanent and temporary signage throughout the Event site.

All Guardians must camp with the minors that they accompany.

participants under the age of 18 must not engage in any illegal or disruptive activities whilst on site. This includes underage drinking, use of illicit substances or any generally disruptive behaviour.

If a minor is evicted, their Guardian and all other accompanying minors will also be evicted.

Any breach of these conditions may result in the eviction of the Guardian and all accompanying minors from the Event site.


Age is assessed from the date of entry to the Event.


Participants may be photographed and/or filmed at the Event and that these images may be used for a variety of printed, online and broadcast promotional and/or internal purposes in relation to the Event. If participants do not wish to be photographed or filmed for these purposes, they must advise the photographer/camera operator.

Sound/video recordings of performances cannot be made without prior written consent of Woodfordia. Photographs taken at the Event cannot be published without prior consent of Woodfordia.


Footwear is compulsory at all times.


No pets are allowed on the Event site.


Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only.


Woodfordia takes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. participants enter the venue at their own risk and to the maximum extent permitted by the law, Woodfordia, its employees and all other persons involved in the organisation, sponsorship and promotion of the Event accept no liability for any injury, loss, claims, costs, expenses or damage (collectively “Claims”) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect to the supply of goods or services, or the ticketholders attendance at the Event, including liability for negligence. Woodfordia, its employees and all other persons involved in the organisation, sponsorship and promotion of the event accept no liability for death or personal injury howsoever caused.

Each participant indemnifies Woodfordia in respect of all Claims made in connection with their attendance at the Event and, to the full extent permitted by law, each participant releases and discharges Woodfordia, its employees and all other persons involved in the organisation, sponsorship and promotion of the Event, from all such Claims.


Participants are permitted to set up camp the day prior to their Masterclasses commencement date, no earlier. Pack down must occur on the day after their Masterclass completion date.  

Camping areas are designated quiet zones from 10pm onwards. No loud music or disruptive behaviour will be tolerated.

All members of any campsite causing disruption will be evicted from the campsite, no warnings given.

Camp fires are not permitted in the camping areas.

Generators are not permitted in the camping areas.

All campers must take their waste to the designated waste collection points.

Breach of the above conditions may result in the removal of the participant, or the entire group, from the Event site.


The Event is a licensed event. BYO alcohol will not be permitted within the Event precinct.

Any person found involved in underage drinking or caught with BYO alcohol within the Event precinct will have their wristband removed, issued a citation and a fine by the Police, and evicted from the Event site. Guardians of any minors involved will also have their wristband removed and be evicted from the Event site.


Parking is available onsite. Follow the signs to the designated camping and parking areas.