The Artisan Camp is a programme of distinctive classes led by masters of their craft. At the end of your workshop (1 or 3 days in length) you'll have created a piece, a song, an artwork or a performance – something uniquely yours to keep – as well as gaining skills that will form a foundation for future practice and experimentation.

Immersive Learning, Making & Creating at Woodfordia's Artisan Camp

Being there for almost a week in the lead up to The Planting made me feel like I was part of it, rather than just attending the event, and gave plenty of opportunity to meet other masterclass attendees and festival volunteers which was great.
John, Artisan Camp 2017
Wonderful experience and really enjoyable meeting all the others involved, volunteers and the staff at Woodfordia.
Melissa, Artisan Camp 2017

Masterclass Suggestions?

Is there a class you would like to see here but don't? Please send us your suggestions!